“Janine,this email is to let you know that I think you are a remarkable teacher – I’m sure you exceed in your job as a Consultant / Talent scout. I thoroughly enjoyed the sides provided, the feedback, the tips.  Learned so much about the behind the scenes of commercials, which will surely help when auditioning.” – Edward L.

“Working with Janine in a one on one session was beyond helpful to my learning process in the industry. Her knowledge pours out onto you and you leave the session feeling motivated and ready to start auditioning. Janine teaches in a way that gives you the critique you need to perfect the craft but yet is gentle enough to not leave you discouraged. I truly enjoyed her one on one session. I appreciate her passion, her patience and the time she spends to teach. Anyone who has the opportunity to be in her class should feel lucky!” – Claudia R.

I recently worked with Janine in a one on one coaching session and it was an hour well spent! We covered 5 commercials and I felt my progression throughout.  This is a session not to be missed!
She also assisted me with picking the right headshot for commercial work. She was meticulous and patiently worked with me. I always felt comfortable reaching out if I had any questions…. I can’t say enough about her class and her as a person. She is fantastic to work with!!”  – Tela C.

“Janine has an incredible ability to choose the best headshot for any actor. Her     experience in the industry provides her with the ability to know instinctively, and almost immediately, which photos will showcase each individual actor the best. You want Janine to help you with this difficult task!” Claire G., former talent agent and co-worker

“Taking Janine’s class really helped jump start my career in the world of commercials! We learned about the business of the industry and how to deliver commercial copy. After taking her class, I felt comfortable and ready to find an agent and start auditioning. She’s such a sweet person who goes above and beyond to help you pursue your dreams.”   -Jessie J.

“My name is Claudia R. and I am a student at Actors Connection. I took The Agent Hour Commercials are my Business with Janine Cerny and I left feeling motivated! Her class was informative and upbeat. Janine was patient and more than willing to answer all my questions and go the extra mile to explain in detail! When we read over sides, Janine gave constructive criticism. I appreciated her expertise and honesty! I would recommend anyone to take her class. It is a guarantee, that everyone who takes Janine’s class will not leave unsatisfied!!!! She was great and it is important to me to express what a pleasure it was working with her.” –Claudia R.

“I attended Janine Cerny’s intensive, “The Agent Hour” October 10th and I’m so glad I did. It was incredibly eye-opening and informational. I came in with a lot of questions to begin with and found myself with even more as she brought up all sorts of things that I hadn’t even considered. The woman really knows her stuff! The seminar was three hours long without one minute wasted. Janine made sure she answered every last question that was asked and even stayed an hour afterwards to make herself available to the people who were literally waiting in line to ask ‘just one more question.’ Wow. What an awesome seminar to be offered at Actors Connection. Thanks for the suggestion!” -Danielle A.

“Excellent class!”  -Diane T.

“Janine was an excellent teacher. She encouraged us to ask questions about anything and answered all of them. She loves the work she does and her passion comes through.”  Stuart S.

“Janine is a true gem. She understands what actors need to do to succeed in this business and explains how agents, casting directors, and ad agencies think. You can count on her years of experience to navigate the early stages of a career in commercials & print. Whether you’re a model looking to perform on-camera or an actor trying to break into modeling she can hone your craft and help you get work.” -Michael C.

“THE AGENT HOUR conducted by the ever consummate professional Janine Cerny shares her extensive experience and practical knowledge about the commercial industry! Her insights into the nature of the business both past and present provide a background for the attendee that can’t be found in books! She offers advice and tidbits of inside information for any level of talent. Then all get a chance to get up in front of the camera and demonstrate their abilities to do commercial copy with Janine’s spot on critique and opportunity to take the note for another read. Any and all questions about this process are addressed. Constructive comments on pictures and resumes with agent recommendations make this a workshop not to be missed!”  -Robert  M.

“She’s so sweet and personable. Her insight and the way she structured her class was memorable and effective.” -Mark G.